5 tips for a more sustainable holiday season

More waste is generated from November to January than any other time of the year. Here’s how you can make more environmentally friendly choices this holiday season.

Keep packaging to a minimum

Gifts, especially children’s toys, can sometimes come with an incredible amount of packaging. Try looking for gifts that aren’t packaged, or come in recyclable cardboard.

Shop local

Buying from smaller, independent local shops minimizes the carbon footprint created by shipping goods across the planet. Local craft markets are great places to find interesting gifts from local artists – and generally have more minimal packaging as well.

Reconsider wrapping

Wrapping paper, particularly the foil kind which cannot be recycled, creates more holiday waste than anything else. Try using an alternative to store bought wrapping paper, such as re-useable boxes, bags, or even fabric. Other fun alternatives include newspaper, sheet music, and calendar pages.

Gifts to remember

Rather than giving someone the latest toy or gadget, consider giving them an experience to share instead – something they’re more likely to remember for years to come! Tickets to a concert, classes they’ve always wanted to take, or a membership to a local organization all make wonderful gifts.

Give back

Another alternative to a disposable gift is a donation to a charitable cause made in someone’s name. Look for sustainability focused causes, for example, animal or forest conservation.

We hope you’re motivated to make your holidays cleaner and greener this year. From all of us at Green Earth Village, have a wonderful holiday season – and thank you for joining us in making a more sustainable future in 2018.

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