The future
can happen
right now.

We’re not reinventing the wheel. We aim to reinvent living. Green Earth Village will be a compact, complete and healthy community. This is a totally new way to look at development and the eco-system we live in. Consisting of a diverse mix of residential unit types, parks and open spaces, live/work opportunities, mixed-use areas, services and amenities, active transportation systems, green infrastructure and sustainable building practices within the entire community.

This sustainable project spearheaded by Royalpark Homes and SigNature Communities will be a showcase of current and future sustainable technologies applied to a mixed complex of building types. These two progressive developers are committed to sustainable living and building, and a number of world-class innovative technologies and energy reducing strategies will be implemented in the project.

Utopia may not be possible,
but we can try.

Green Earth Village is envisioned as a model for the future, today. This living village of sustainable technologies will also demonstrate how sustainable initiatives can be applied in the design of a complete community and assess how green building can be made economically viable, marketable, and used as a model for larger scale developments & home-building practices and processes.

The buildings and their surroundings will not only showcase sustainable systems, but at the same time, be part of a revolution for dwellings, sustainable practices, and clean tech water treatment opportunities, to be built in the future. A living, breathing showcase that will be a catalyst for smarter design and long-term sustainability.

Ambitious & realistic
reductions and targets.

  • Total GHG reductions of +9,000 tonnes

  • Net-50 – 50% of power requirements provided by solar

  • Total annual reuse of 74 million L for greywater recycling

  • 30% of land preserved as natural environment

  • Near Zero Homes – 24% GHG reduction or 1.2 tonnes

  • 3.8 km of walking and cycling trails

  • Construction waste reduction, locally sourced materials


A vision for Greenhouse
Gas Emissions (GHGE) Reductions.

To be a “near-zero” community, we will need to reduce GHG emissions overall & in many categories. Our estimates show that we can potentially exceed our goal of GHG emissions reductions of approximately 9,000 tonnes CO2e for the GEV Demo Plan, when compared with a “typical” community of the same population/units in the suburban GTA (based on unit count).

The scenario presented is just one of many possible for the community; there is flexibility in how the community is designed while still achieving this amount of GHG reductions.

“We are running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe.”

– Elon Musk

Our Ecological Footprint


A showcase for
Sustainable Technology.

  • greywater reuse
  • rooftop solar/residential energy storage
  • geothermal
  • waste reduction
  • stormwater management
  • low impact development
  • near zero homes
  • xeriscaping
  • local food production
  • rainwater harvesting
  • environmental preservation
  • heat island reduction
  • permeable/porous pavement
  • solar/energy storage micro grid
  • carbon reduction
  • green roof


A compact, complete, and
healthy community eco-system.

The goal is to create a healthy, livable community that focuses on reducing climate change, improving public health, and creating a transformative built environment. A holistic approach to building for the future, today.

  • active transportation
  • food production
  • mix and diversity of unit types
  • life cycle housing
  • walkability
  • diversity of open spaces
  • energy and water conservation
  • defined centres and edges
  • connected and permeable road system