BLOG December 18 2017

Can wood buildings save the world?

“The future is certainly wood,” said architect Shane Williamson in a recent Globe and Mail article. If that assertion surprises you, you may have missed out on one of the hottest trends in green building over the past few years. Wood is back. But why? Building construction is a major contributor to greenhouse gas – […]


BLOG November 30 2017

5 tips for a more sustainable holiday season

More waste is generated from November to January than any other time of the year. Here’s how you can make more environmentally friendly choices this holiday season. Keep packaging to a minimum Gifts, especially children’s toys, can sometimes come with an incredible amount of packaging. Try looking for gifts that aren’t packaged, or come in […]


BLOG November 21 2017

Do you really need a car?

The landscape of personal transportation is rapidly changing, especially in urban centres. Car ownership may soon be a thing of the past, but which new technology is more likely to replace it: ride sharing apps like Uber, car sharing services like Zipcar, or the emerging field of self driving vehicles?